Welcome to Neta’s world

The Neta Winery was established in 2018 as both a winery and a home for a new generation of Karmei Yosef vineyard cultivators. Our goal was to realize a new Israeli dream of enjoying independent, free-spirited winemaking in the local winery landscape.

We proudly present to you our wines – joyful, dynamic, and accessible. Wines for those pleasurable moments in life meant to be shared with the people we hold dear.


Our wines were crafted with you in mind.

We wanted to create an approachable wine for the Israeli market, unpretentious and brimming with love, perfect for those occasions when simply having a bottle of wine can brighten the atmosphere. A seasonal, ever-evolving wine, in sync with its vintage and with the weather of the same year; drawing on history and nostalgia while looking into the future. Just like our family.

Who We Are

Yigal (Igi) Aloni

“I spent my entire childhood on the family’s farmlands, in the avocado orchards in the moshav and in the vineyards scattered around the region. I had the good fortune to play a role in establishing a groundbreaking Israeli winery in the early 2000s. I was able to witness how professionalism, love for the land and the joy of shared creation enabled two families to create an incredible venture. I’ve always dreamed of doing the same thing myself – only my way, with my own nuclear family. This is how Neta Winery was founded. My wish is to bring people together, to create joyful moments and to encourage the connection future generations will have with the land.”

Yael Aloni

“To me, wine is family. It means getting up every morning to take a walk with the kids among the vineyards in the moshav, teaching them about the changing seasons as the grapevines develop, and witnessing the wonder of creation. Neta Winery is a dream come true. It allows me to embrace hard work and to create something special – a winery which tells the story of our young family. We have been fortunate to be part of a large extended family which runs a leading, well-established winery. This has allowed us to launch our new winery, representing continuity and anticipation.”

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